Energy Assistance
Apply now for Energy Assistance Program to get up to $1600 to cover your energy bills
The past year was tough for a lot of Minnesotans. That’s why there are options for you to get your energy bills paid, whether you rent or own your home, whether you have past-due utility bills, or if you are getting big bills for electric or heat power.
Apply for Minnesota’s Energy Assistance Program. More Minnesotans than ever before are eligible for the program. The Minnesota Department of Commerce has received an additional $167 million in federal funding through the American Rescue Plan Act to fund Minnesota’s Energy Assistance Program.
Request an application or find your local service provider:
Call 800-657-3710 and press 1
OR search online for “Minnesota energy assistance” OR go online:
• Homeowners and renters can qualify for energy assistance.
• Commerce has raised the income level for households to qualify, so more Minnesota households
than ever before qualify for energy assistance. For example, a household with four people can have
annual income of up to $65,228 to qualify.
• You could receive up to $1,600 for energy bills and may qualify for an additional $1,200 to cover
past-due bills.
• By applying for energy assistance, Minnesota households can qualify for Minnesota’s
Weatherization Assistance Program to pay for free home improvements to conserve energy and permanently reduce that home’s energy costs.
Consumers with past-due utility bills: Contact your utility company to request to set up a plan for repayment. Regulated utility companies will not charge late fees or penalties for consumers who have entered into and are complying with a plan for repayment. For additional help, the PUC Consumer Affairs Office is available to answer questions and to provide consumer mediation services: Call 651-296- 0406 or 1-800-657-3782, or email