Spotlight - Students of the Month - March


Alex has grown so much this year! He has made new friends by showing how kind, caring, and fun he is. Alex is a perfect role model of the Merc Zone for others in the room. He is a great listener, respectful to others, and is always ready to learn. Alex tries his best with all that he does and helps others whenever he can. Alex, we are so lucky to have you in our class! Keep up the great work!

- Alex Chermak, Kindergarten


We're thrilled to award Sofia as our first-grade Student of the Month for her exceptional kindness and dedication to her classmates. Sofia consistently goes the extra mile to help others, standing up for them and ensuring everyone feels included. She takes great care in her tasks, from her writing to her class responsibilities. Sofia's compassionate nature and exemplary work ethic make her a valued member of our classroom community. Congratulations, Sofia!

- Sofia Foight, 1st Grade


Avery is a wonderful, smart, and kind second grader. She is always very eager to try new things and learn! She works hard, doesn’t give up, and is always willing to help out. Keep up the great work, Avery!

- Avery Miller, 2nd Grade


Cheyenne has made huge progress in both her confidence and demonstration of the Merc Zone this year! She’s a hard worker and it shows in her academics. Cheyenne notices when help is needed and jumps in without hesitation. She’s also quick to let the teacher know if a classmate is upset or needs support. Keep up the good work, Cheyenne!

- Cheyenne Blumer, 3rd Grade


Bentley is an amazing student with a big heart! He is selfless, hardworking, caring, and always willing to share. He continuously puts forth his best effort in everything he does. He is a friend to all and offers to help out without being asked. Bentley goes out of his way to be an excellent example of what it means to be in the Merc Zone! Way to go, Bentley!

- Bentley Schmelzer, 4th Grade


Fynn has been a hard worker from the get-go! He takes pride in his work, meeting every deadline and giving his best effort. Fynn has also been stepping up as a leader in our 5th Grade room. He encourages his classmates, is always willing to help out, and makes a great partner for any activity. Fynn also has a great sense of humor and can often be seen smiling from ear to ear. Keep up the great work, Fynn. We’re proud of you!

- Fynn Pylvanen, 5th Grade


Lillian is a kind and helpful sixth-grade student who is always willing to help her peers when they need it. She often takes the time to peer tutor her classmates with their math homework before completing her work to make sure they understand new concepts. She participates in classroom discussions and adds her humor to make others laugh. It is such a joy having Lilly in class! Keep up the great work!

- Lillian Maring, 6th Grade