**Update - The road leading out to the school forest is currently in poor condition with the warm weather conditions. We will temporarily hold off on the duck hunt until the road conditions improve**

These rubber ducks made their way out to the school forest last weekend and are waiting for you to find them! 

Grab your snowshoes, cross country skis, or winter boots and walk the trail with your friends or family. Take a picture of the ducks as you find them and send them to us! Anyone who sends us photos with the ducks (green, red, pink, blue, black and yellow) will get a sticker designed by students in the Gifted & Talented Program!

A few additional details:
-Please leave the ducks where they are in the forest for other families to enjoy the hunt.
-There is a photo of a map posted. The yellow shows where you can drive with the vehicle and the red is what we walked. You can get to the school forest by turning on 430th Ave off of Co Rd 62 just west of McGregor. Once you get close to the forest and along the trail, you will see red flagging ribbon tied to the trees. There is room to turn around and it is on the right hand side.
-Shortly after you start on the trail, it splits and you will see red ribbon in both directions. Turn right and follow that trail for a better view when looking for the ducks!
-Stay on the trails that are packed down and marked with red ribbon and ducks!
-You can go out there any day between sunrise and sunset!
-If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email

Enjoy this beautiful weather and happy duck hunting!