Sneak Peak

Our school construction project continues to take shape.  Nexus Solutions promised multiple design engagement sessions with representatives of each school department and each grade.  It is important that the teachers and staff within our spaces confirm the usability of the spaces being designed.  Room by room walkthroughs were completed with administration to confirm educational and deferred maintenance items were aligned with the intent as shared with our community during the referendum.  Their commitment to spending time with our teachers and staff was met, but the level of engagement and the exchange of ideas was better than hoped; all while keeping eyes on the goal – best educational opportunities for our children, project = on time and on budget.

We began to advertise our project’s scope to the construction industry on Friday, January 29th.  We will hold pre-bid walkthroughs for the varying scopes on Thursday, February 11th and open sealed bids on Thursday, February 25th.  The McGregor School Administration will receive Nexus Solutions’ recommendations for contract award on Friday, February 26th.  By mid-March, we should begin to see project trailers onsite, site fencing and other mobilization.  Shortly after the approved Early Learning Center addition will break ground.  

It is notable that the bus garage scope of work will be bid separately with the intent of providing our local contractors with additional opportunities to earn our business.  Keeping our local businesses working is critically important to our long-term success.

The McGregor School District continues to appreciate and value your support.  Educating our children, fiscal responsibility and community communication are our priorities.  If you have any questions please contact me at my office (218) 768-5126, or by email

Brad Johnson
Superintendent of Schools