Community Education


Integrating environmental education in the preschool curriculum gives children the opportunity for unstructured outdoor play as part of their learning experience. Children need to explore, daydream, dig in the dirt, climb trees, play in the grass, plant bulbs, smell the flowers; all in the process of discovering nature and observing the wonders the world has to offer them.

There are many ways beyond the classroom to encourage the wonders of nature...even in the backyard. Some examples include:

* Plant a garden

* Take a hike in the woods

* Have a backyard campout

* Feed the birds

* Stargaze

* Climb a tree

* Build a fort

Today children spend too much time with the electrified world rather than the natural wonders of the world. We encourage you as a parent to help make the change by encouraging unstructured outdoor play and turning off the electronics for part of your child's day.