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"Creating a Learning Community Where Improvement is Continuous"
McGregor school believes staff, parent and community partnerships are the key to success. We believe in a high quality educational system in a supportive learning environment. McGregor has a long standing tradition of excellence that is consistent with a  growing district. Academics and activities help develop a well rounded student, best preparing them for the future. Staff help all learners develop skill sets and attitudes necessary to lead productive and successful lives. McGregor supports all students for future success.

Standards Based Grading 
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McGregor Elementary is working towards a Standards Based Grading System. Below is some helpful information for you as a parent to better understand the "why" behind the move. Standards Based Grading will be implemented during the first grading period in January. (Quarter 2-Semester 1)

What is Standards Based Grading?
Standards based grading is a way for teachers to track their students' progress and achievements while focusing on helping students learn and reach their highest potential. It is based on students working towards mastery or understanding various lessons and skills. Standards based grading is a way to view student progress based on proficiency levels for identified standards rather than relying on a holistic representation as the sole measure of achievement. 

Why Standards Based Grading?

Every Student Succeeds Act mandates that schools can not fail students who are not able to demonstrate proficiency in school and move along. All students must be proficient. Schools and districts must ensure their system is developing and preparing students rather than just sorting them out. There is greater accountability and scrutiny over the way student achievement is measured. Therefore, grades must be more reflective of learning.

How it works: A "1" indicates that students have little understanding of a concept, and therefore cannot demonstrate any mastery of it. As students learn and progress, they can demonstrate partial mastery, and score a "2". Once they meet a target, they score a "3". The "4's" are reserved for students who exceed the learning target. If students have not yet worked on a skill it is indicated by an "NA". 

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