Early Childhood Family Education

Mommy and Me Classes

A casual, informal six-week education series focused on new mothers and newborns.

Riverwood Healthcare Center, Meeting Room G, Support Services wing, 200 Bunker Hill Drive, Aitkin
12:00-1:00 pm
Lunch provided, no cost
Babies welcome to attend w/mothers
RSVP to 218-927-5188 or healthyliving@riverwoodhealthcare.org

Wed-Mar 1
Challenges of Being a New Mom
Have a relaxed conversation with a certified midwife about the challenges of being a new mother.

Wed-Mar 8
Infant Feeding and Lactation
Helpful information about infant feeding and lactation

Wed-Mar 15
Safe Sleep for Babies & Tummy Time Guidelines
Learn about safe sleep for babies and the importance of tummy time for preventing torticollis (twisted neck)

Wed-Mar 22
Weight Management & Nutrition
Healthy weight loss goal setting and lifestyle changes, calorie exchanges and functional exercises to strengthen core muscles and improve cardiovascular fitness. Helpful tips such as making time for adequate nutrition, foods to include/avoid, and gradual weight loss.
Wed-Mar 29
Pelvic Health Therapy
Learn about musculoskeletal changes that happen during pregnancy, post-partum impacts on pelvic health functions, associated pelvic pain and exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

Wed-Apr 5
Car Seat Safety & Child Reading and Speech Development
Important information on infant and child car seat safety and child reading and speech development.

Voluntary Pre K Program

Voluntary Pre Kindergarten was established by Governor Dayton and the 2016 Minnesota Legislature for the purpose for preparing children for success as they enter kindergarten the following year.

McGregor Early Childhood is pleased to be one of 74 programs statewide to receive funding for a Voluntary Pre Kindergarten program. With this additional funding McGregor will be expanding our Early Childhood program to best serve families. Children who are four years old on September 1st qualify for the voluntary pre-kindergarten program and recieve top priority. Students will be receiving approximately 420 instructional hours in the program.

McGregor Preschool is a Parent Aware Four Star Rated Preschool Program. To earn a four star rating, programs are excelling in the use of best practices in preparing kids for kindergarten. McGregor has received the highest possible rating.

McGregor places strong emphasis on early education and ensuring all students are prepared for kindergarten. This is one more way to expand our high quality learning environment in McGregor.

To register, please contact Lisa Kruse at 218-768-5133.