Youth Classes
Jr. Olympic Weightlifting

Are you looking for someone to coach you as you lift? Maybe you are looking to gain strength and flexibility? Buck Foerster, National Certified Weightlifting Coach is looking for students 12 years and up and/or adults who want to spend time with him learning the proper techniques and even compete (if interested). 

When: Tuesday evening between 3:30 - 7:30pm
Fitness Center
Instructor: National Certified Olympic Weightlifting Coach, Buck Foerster
Fee: Students if participating in a sport are free; Adults need to purchase a fitness center membership at $30/month

Elementary Basketball

Elementary basketball will be starting soon. McGregor will be participating in the Arrowhead Youth Basketball League with surrounding school districts. Games will be played on Saturday's to include one home Saturday for each level. Coaches will be participating in a coaches meeting on the 30th of October. Practice and game schedules will be ready the middle of November. 

Boys Coaches

Grade 3
Tim Scollard

Grade 4
Ron DeCoteau

Grade 5
Travis Pierce

Grade 6
Mike Tast

Girls Coaches

Grade 4
Ryan Zrust

Grade 5

Grade 6
Gina Henderson

Snowmobile Safety Training
Saturday, December 28, 2019

Attention Parents and Students Snowmobile Safety Training will take place in December. 
Requirements: Must be 11 years of age before the class start date in order to be eligible to take this class. 
Please see the flyer below (click on the link) for pertinent information regarding the class. 

2019 Snowmobile Safety Training and Field Day Poster.pdf