2nd Grade

Healthy Eating
By: Mrs. Madsen

Our second graders have been learning about trying to eat a variety of foods from different food groups so their bodies can get the vitamins needed to grow up healthy and strong. Our school offers a serving of fruit or vegetables to our elementary students on a daily basis.  Some families choose to send a snack to go along with what the school offers.  We have been discussing how to read the nutrition labels, find serving sizes, and determine the difference between “healthy snacks” and "sometimes snacks”, like cookies or sugary snacks. 

            We have also talked about the importance of physical activity or “kid exercise”.  The kids were challenged to PLAY!  In order for the play to count as “kid exercise”, your child should be able to feel his or her heart rate increase.  Our second graders enjoyed getting heart rates up with a website called GoNoodle.  Then we listened to each other’s heart beat using a paper towel tube.  

Challenge your child to eat a variety of foods, discuss serving sizes and nutrition labels, and play something that gets their heart rate up today!

Fond du Lac Cultural Center and Museum Field Trip
By: Mrs. Clark

McGregor 2nd grade students had been learning about the different steps in harvesting and processing wild rice in their social studies class. Along with learning about traditional Ojibwe culture and Ojibwe language.  On October 2nd, the McGregor 2nd grade classes traveled to the Fond du Lac Reservation in Cloquet to learn more about traditional Ojibwe harvesting, processing and restoration of wild rice, also known as Manoomin ,in Ojibwe.

Our first stop was at the Fond du Lac Cultural Center and Museum where students were able to view many different Ojibwe artifacts including birch bark canoes, winnowing baskets, rice knockers and a variety of beautiful artwork made from various materials. While at the museum, students also listened to a lesson about Ojibwe treaty rights.

After going to the museum, the 2nd graders headed to Fond du Lac Natural Resources where we were greeted by the head of Environmental Education, Shannon Judd, and Natural Resources Project Manager, Tom Howes, to teach us more about restoring wild rice.  Students listened to a story called, “Mannomin” by Josh Whitebird and watched a puppet show about wild rice.

From there we headed to Perch Lake in Sawyer to see some wild rice restoration that was going on. Students were able to see the “cookie cutter” or sedge mat cutter that was removing the pickerel weed that invades the wild rice habitat. Tom Howes talked more about the pickerel weed and why they get rid of it as well as other ways that they restore wild rice.

It was a great experience for our students.  We look forward to working with them in the future.
Fond du Lac Visit

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